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TQL-5300 is the high-performance Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS system with compact construction. Three stage hyperboloid quadrupole design realized infifinitely close to quadrupole theoretical electricfield. High instrument stability and sensitivity makes it easier to obtain reliable MS data.

Performance Advantages

Ion Source

ESI/APCI intelligent fast switching; plug-and-play, automatic ion source recognition; strong anti-contamination capacity with orthogonal spray


Mass Analyzer

Tandem hyperboloid quadrupole design, pre & post rods balance the ion incident angle and eliminate fringing field effect.


Collision Cell

180° bending collision cell design reduces the interference from neutral particles; Axial acceleration electric field decreases the MRM inter-channel crosstalk; Combined array collision gas control enable rapid and efficient collision.


Data Analysis

Integrate instrument control, calibration & tuning, data acquisition, data processing and other functions, easy to operate.