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GSQ-5100 GC-MS
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GSQ-5100 is a self-developed, high performance and cost-effffective GC-MS. Dual-Chamber Design enables a very high vacuum system for both Ion Source and Quadrupole Mass Analyzer, which improved the instrument sensitivity and stability signifificantly. GSQ-5100 can be widely used in Public Security, Forensic Science, Food Safety and Clinical Diagnostic, etc.

Performance Advantages

High Performance

Dual Chamber Design of Ion Source and Quadrupole reduces background interference and improves sensitivity and stability.



Quadrupole Mass Analyzer with pre-rod avoids contamination on main Quadrupole and Detector effffectively


Easy to Maintain

Lens group with pin-type electrode, easy to disassemble, convenient to clean and maintain.


Simple to Operate

GC and MS integrated control, monitoring of real-time electrical parameters and exceptional situations of instrument.