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SureID® Y40 Human Y-STR Kit
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The combination of innovative bioinformatics system and new reaction system improves the reliability of data and the adaptability of complex materials to meet the requirements of forensic field materials inspection.

- 6-dye short tandem repeat (STR) multiplex assay.

- Including 40 Y chromosome loci, 3 insertion/deletion polymorphic marker on the Y chromosome (Y-indel).

- The kit offers a multiplex assay for the applications of forensic analysis, family relationship testing and research use.

 Compatible with a wide range of sample types:

This detection kit is compatible with unextracted and extracted samples:

· Purified genomic DNA

· Whatman® FTA blood cards 

· Whatman® FTA saliva cards

· Hair with follicle 

· Filter paper

· Buccal swabs

Easy to use:

100 minutes standard PCR makes it easily adaptable to your current workflow

High detection success rate:

Optimized reaction system, higher DNA template loading volume, and improved detection rate of trace DNA samples