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SureID® 21G Human STR Identification Kit
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SureID® 21G Human STR Identification Kit (Direct) is developed to meet the standard requirements of Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) 13 loci and expanded D12S391, D19S433, D1S1656, D2S1338, D6S1043, Penta E, Penta D and Amel.

With a high Discrimination Power 1-9.779X10-24, the 21G system is widely used in databasing, reference sample screening, kinship analysis.

SureID® 21G Human STR Identification Kit (Direct) is a quality and value choice for human identification.

Compatible with a wide range of sample types:

The kit is suitable for direct amplification of various sample types:

· Whatman® FTA blood cards 

· Whatman® FTA saliva cards 

· Filter paper

· Buccal swabs

· Hair with follicle

Easy to use:

- 90 minutes standard PCR time makes it easily adaptable to your current workflow.

- Size standard is provided in every kit for free.