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SureID® S6 Human DNA Identification Kit
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Spherical solid reagent / 6-dye Technology

Simultaneously amplify and detect 23 loci,includ- ing 21 autosomal loci,1 sex marker locus Amelogenin and 1 Y chromosome locus DYS391.

The maximum fragment is no more than 400bp, which can meet the detection requirements of many forensic casework types.

Advanced in Technology 

- Innovative solid reagent form, minimize critical storage requirement to realize room temperature transportation

- Stability of the reagent can be enhanced without repeated freezing and thaw

Easy to operate   

- Individual package of each reaction for easy access

- Lower the risk of the artificial error and pollution by reducing the preparation of amplification system to improve the work efficiency

Excellent in performance

- 15 loci less than 250bp, which can improve the acquisition of data information in the degraded DNA template

- High sensitivity and high anti-inhibition performance make the experimental results more excellent

- The overall additive effect can improve the bolting rate of the aspirated sample