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A-96 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor
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A-96 Automatic Nucleic Acid Extractor is used for extraction and purification of nucleic acid from biological samples with magnetic beads. By editing parameters, it is compatible with the extraction kits made by most reagent manufacturers, and processes 1-96 samples simultaneously to realize efficient, rapid, and automatic extraction of nucleic acid.


●High-quality & automatic extraction can be done in 20 minutes

●Temperature control between 30℃~70℃ can be realized within 2 minutes


●The universal consumable is compatible with most of magnetic-bead extraction kits

● Regular 6-step or up to 12 steps extraction can be supported

●Two modules can be selected:

16 x sample module (regular throughput)

8 x sample module (large-volume sample)


●Three independent cabins are dsigned to perform three extraction procedures simultaneously

●The number of cabins applied can be selected according to sample volume

●Risk of contamination can be reduced among different cabins


●Self-testing is configured to ensure each experiment is successful

●Automatic resetting of magnetic rods and stocks for saving energy and labor

●Vibration protection is equipped to guarantee complete recovery of magnetic beads

●Emergency stop (e.g. the door is opened)

●Temperature is accurately controlled in real time