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SureX® ALDH2/ADH1B Genotyping Kit
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Applying Advanced Fragment Analysis (AFA) technology, the kit provides fast, accurate and effective genotyping. It simultaneously amplifies 2 SNP loci of ALDH2 and ADH1B in one tube and separates the different size of fragments by capillary electrophoresis. It is used for nitroglycerin medication guidance and healthy alcohol consumption advice.

High accuracy:

100% consistency with the Sanger sequencing results (>1400 samples)

Sample compatibility: 

suitable for either blood or buccal swab

Time saving: 

from sample to answer within 4 hours, and hands-on time nearly 0.5 hours

User friendly:

8-tube strip format, add enzyme and sample to start; automated report

Monitor every single reaction:

build in internal reaction control for monitoring PCR process

Free of carry-over contamination: 

build in dUTP-UNG system