Health Gene Technologies took part in the world’s leading Congress of the International Society for Forensic Genetics, third time in a row. 

This year, we were honoured as Dr Pankaj Shrivastava, who has published numerous articles on the most cutting edge technology in the field of forensic genetics, introduced the validation our 6 dye autosomal STR testing solution, SureID® PanGlobal Human DNA Identification Kit, in a poster:

Health Gene Technologies also introduced SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit – our unique out-of-the-box solution for complex kinship cases in forensic STR testing. SureID® 23comp is a simple solution to a complicated problem: by combining 22 high discrimination loci that are not found in the majority of commercially available kits as well as the gender marker Amelogenin, SureID® 23comp adds a large set of loci to the results of standard testing kits. As shown in an article by Sasitaran Iyavoo et al (2019), “The match probabilities were 1 in 6.7 × 1025 for European, 1 in 1.4 × 1026 for South Asian and 1 in 1.6 × 1026 for African populations”. The article established high discriminatory capacity and robustness of the kit, even at low volumes.

Health Gene Tech at AACC 2015
HGT’s debut in the Forensic World: ISFG



SureID® 23comp and Panglobal shine on the world stage of the Congress of ISFG 2019

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