From 6th to 8th of June, Health Gene Technologies’s partner in the regions of Latvia and Poland, Biosan, has participated in the international scientific conference NEXTlab Next Generation of Forensic Biology Laboratory, which took place in Gdynia, Poland.

The conference was addressed to researchers working on the subject of forensic genetic analyses, DNA databases, law and related fields. The presentations were given by researchers from Polish and foreign scientific institutes, universities and forensic laboratories of the Police and they covered the following subjects:

·         Prediction analysis and determination of phenotype characteristics basing upon DNA analysis;

·         Forensic DNA analysis of plants, animals and microbes;

·         Automation of laboratory processes and mobile solutions dedicated to forensic biology;

·         Legal and ethical aspects of genetic examination;

·         Modern technology for detection and recovery of biological evidence;

·         Application of statistical methods in forensic DNA analysis;

·         Bloodstain Pattern Analysis;

·         Education and training for forensic experts.

The conference was an excellent opportunity to present the newest products, services and technologies to a wide range of forensic geneticists representing national and foreign forensic medicine institutes, medical universities and forensic laboratories.

Among others, Biosan was proud to present the products of Health Gene Technologies Co., Ltd. Biosan Product manager and Head of Molecular Diagnostic division Mr. Andrejs Gaivoronskis (M.Sc. Biol) participated with dedicated presentation about possibilities and advantages of using SureID® 21G Human STR Identification Kit.

The company Biosan was founded by Vasily Bankovsky (Ph.D., Molecular Biology) and Svetlana Bankovska (MSc., Biochemistry) from the Institute of Microbiology in the Latvian Republic Academy of Science.

Biosan’s philosophy is to develop modern exciting personal products for sample preparation in the field of genomics, proteomics and cellomics. The latest trends are the result of diagnostics technology shifting on a level of detection of bio-polymorphism of genetic, metabolitic and cell diseases. Innovation, design and focus on the individual consumer proved to be in demand in the world biotechnological market and during recent years our Personal Laboratory products have become well-known all over the world under different leading brands.

Keywords: Biosan, Health Gene Technologies, Forensic, HGT, SureID, STR, Genetics, Biology, Conference, Poland, Gdynia.

For purchasing Health Gene Technologies’ products in the area of Poland and Latvia, please contact Mr. Andrejs Gaivoronskis:,

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Health Gene Technologies partner company Biosan participates in NEXTlab, Poland

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