ISFG - the International Society of Forensic Genetics - has held its 27th Congress in Seoul, South Korea, from August 28 to September 2. The congress united scientists, industry innovators and public security actors to discuss new technologies and advances in forensic science. This year’s conference focused on seven main topics:

1.Massively Parallel Sequencing

2.Population Genetics, Lineage, Ancestry, Paternity

3.Non-human DNA, microbiology and other MPS;

4.Body Fluid, Touch DNA, Forensic Biology

5.Predictive, Biostatistics

6.Ethics & Legal, DNA databases, DVI

7.New Technologies, DNA Methods, QC.

Scientific partner of Health Gene Technologies - the University of Technology Sydney and Beijing Institute of Genomics Chinese Academy of Science- presented a poster of our newest scientific collaboration with the SureID Compass kit that simultaneously detects 16 autosome STR loci and 17 Y-STR loci, and is suitable for building autosome STR and Y-STR databases.

Additionally, Health Gene Technologies launched our newest product development for complex kinship testing -23Comp. This set of non-CODIS loci provides a CPI of 1-3.0483×10E-26. It can be used as a complementary STR kit to popular commercial STR kits when complex cases need to be solved. Free product trials of 23Comp are available upon request at ausma.b@healthgenetech.com

We will meet again at ISFG’s 28th Congress in Prague in 2019!

Health Gene Tech at AACC 2015
HGT’s debut in the Forensic World: ISFG



Health Gene Tech showcases new products at ISFG

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