Health Gene Technologies is going on an all-forensic-DNA trip this end of August to early September. We will be exhibiting in one of 

the most influential conferences for Forensic products.


The conference is organized by ISFG -International Society for Forensic Genetics.The society aims to promote scientific knowledge 

in the field of genetic markers as applied to forensic science.This is mainly being achieved through regular meetings of either regional 

or international nature, our journal Forensic Science International: Genetics and the work of our expert DNA commissions.


This year the 26th ISFG Congress will be held in Kraków, Poland, August 31 – September 5, 2015.

Health Gene Technologies’ products will be exhibited there as well. Keep an eye on:SureID® 21G Human STR Identification Kit

SureID® 27Y Human STR Identification Kit, SureID® PanGlobal Human DNA Identification Kit, and SureID® Compass Human DNA 

Identification Kit.

Health Gene Technologies' debut in the Forensic World: ISFG

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