6-dye technology

· Simultaneously amplify and detect 27 loci including U.S. Core loci and Extended European Standard Set of loci (ESSL).

· 9 mini-STR loci within 220 bp for maximized performance on partially degraded samples.

· Direct amplification for samples on Whatman® FTA blood/saliva card, common blood/saliva card, buccal swap, etc.

Loci configuration


Pre-amplification Reagents


SureID® PanGlobal Primer Mix(Direct)
Control DNA 9948
PCR Master Mix
DNase/RNase-Free H2O

Post-amplification Reagents


SureID® PanGlobal Allelic Ladder Mix
SIZE-500 Plus

Order Information

SureID® PanGlobal Human DNA Identification Kit (Direct)25 μL×200 reactions/kit1060147

Forensic products are NOT available in USA market.

Health Gene Tech at AACC 2015
HGT’s debut in the Forensic World: ISFG



PanGlobal Human DNA Identification Kit (Direct)

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