6-dye technology

· Abundant information

      6-dye fluorescence technology; Simultaneously detecting 16 autosome STR loci and 17 Y-STR loci, suitable for building autosome and Y-STR database.

· High compatibility

      Direct sample amplification for Whatman® blood/saliva - FTA cards, normal blood/saliva cards, oral swabs, isolated DNA samples, etc.

· Fast and efficient

      Obtain two types of STR genotyping results in one test, thus to get the information of both autosomal loci and Y chromosome loci, and to realize the high effective exclusion comparison through the combination of both autosome database and Y chromosome database.

· Applicable to comprehensive identification; more efficient results by combining autosomal DNA database and Y chromosome database.

· Applicable to genotyping of mixed stains, showing the STR information from different gender included in the mixed stains.

· Deduce the number of participants through the STR information from single physical evidence.

· Get more efficient identification results when combining with SureID® 21G kit or SureID® 27Y kit.

Loci configuration


Pre-amplification ReagentsDNA PCR Master Mix
SureID® Compass Primer Mix
Positive DNA 9948
DNase/RNase-Free H2O
Post-amplification ReagentsSureID® Compass Allelic Ladder Mix
SIZE-500 Plus

Order Information

SureID® Compass Human DNA Identification Kit25 μL×200 reactions/box1060115

Forensic products are NOT available in USA market.

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Compass Human DNA Identification Kit

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