SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit


STRtyper-23comp provides complementary STR loci for paternity cases.

This set of non-CODIS loci provides a CPI of 1-3.0483X10-26. It can be used as a complementary STR kit to popular commercial STR kits when complex cases need to be solved.

· The independent markers selected from 22 chromosomes.

· All markers are selected and verified to have no genetic linkage to current STR loci of popular commercial STR kits.

· All markers have high discrimination power > 0.85.”

 Compatible with a wide range of sample types 

The kit is suitable for direct amplification of various sample types:

· Whatman® FTA blood cards

· Whatman® FTA saliva cards

· Filter paper

· Buccal swabs

· Hair with follicle

· Purified genomic DNA

 Easy to use 

90 minutes standard PCR time makes it easily adaptable to your current workflow.

SIZE standard is provided in every kit for free.

Complementary dataset for complex kinship cases

Kit Components & Order Information



SureID® 23comp Primer Mix


SureID® 23comp Human DNA Identification Kit

PCR Master Mix
Control DNA 9947A


25μL×50 reactions/kit

DNase/RNase-Free H2O



SureID® 23comp Allelic Ladder Mix



SIZE-500 Plus

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